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Ciao, A warm welcome! I'm Serena

A luxury buyer and Chinese market entry consultant, here to help your company cross bridges and grow into the largest Asian market. Your company can achieve it's full potential.

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Find out how you can expand into China and determine the risks.


Find a partner, determine investments required and Plan

Execute and Expand

Enter the new market and continuously grow to get predictable results.

Your bridge to the Chinese Market

All of the activities and programs are tailor-made for the client and include: an attentive evaluation of the specific needs of the client, and a personalized plan.

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What my clients say

“Working with Serena was excellent, she was a highly motivated colleague with attention to detail. We were able to grow exponentially together with her help and knowledge of the Chinese market. We look forward to continue working with her.”

— East Meda s.r.l., Milan, Italy

“We have worked extremely well with Serena over the year. The designs she has made for our brand have always stood out with quality and precision.”

— Beierdan - Red Crown Garments Co., Ltd. – Shijiazhuang, China

“Serena has helped us re-draw many hand-made designs from paper to psd. And has saved me a lot of time in preparing the designs for production by our partners. She was timely, polite and pleasant to work with.”

— Julia Voitenko - Esme Vie - Founder.

“Her network of investors and buyers has helped us expand into new territories such as China.”

— CEO of Furniture Brand.