Ciao, I look forward to working with you!

Born and raised in China -- Inner Mongolia and moved to Italy in 2005 because I had the dream to study at the world renowned "Istituto Marangoni". In my day to day life in Italy I learned about creating your own brand, marketing and visual communication and I went on to study two masters.

I feel that I'm a global citizen, with roots across the globe. My parents reside in South Korea -- Seoul and I have visited China many times in the last few years.

Always staying busy and doing the things I love resonates with me. During my hectic studies I worked at Beierdan, a clothing company in China. And right after I graduated, I started working as a freelance designer for various brands in Milan, such as Esme Vie.

After having worked in the Milan Fashion Industry, for about 5 years, I knew that I wanted to learn about a new industry, it was then that I ventured into the luxury furniture industry. The experiences I have had in the fashion industry was something that I would always be proud of and I was extremely happy to learn that a lot of the wonderful skills I have learned over the years were useful in the furniture industry as well.

My interests and passions vary from traveling like a local, to music, visiting family, theatre and food.

I appreciate that you have read this far and I am looking forward to connect with you in person.

Lots of love and well wishes,
Serena Park